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Angela’s Blog – July 2011

Well, so much has happened since the first few events. I know what you are all thinking out there…….blog more!! I know, I know, I know!
It has been an interesting year so far golf wise. I’ve had a few chances to win and haven’t finished it off. I forget that golf is a process and I tend to lose my patience! Lots of good things are happening and good things to build on.
The Founders Cup was a great experience. As golfers, we spend all of our time playing for ourselves, so it was cool to play for something bigger that week. With my finish, The Angela Stanford Foundation received $30,000! We are looking forward to our first year of funding scholarships for young people who have family members with cancer, so every bit helps!
Kia Classic was a tough week. Struggling on the greens made for a long week. We did get to see a Clippers game in LA. I would pay every night to watch Blake Griffin play basketball! Fun to watch!
Kraft. One of these days I will jump in that pond. Only problem is I may not come out! 🙂 I feel like I’m getting closer and closer, but again I know it’s a process. I continue to improve at Mission Hills.
Mobile is always a great week. I get to stay with friends and the entire city embraces us. Another good week, but I love playing there 🙂
Match Play was another great week. I’m glad we have one match play event on our schedule. I think it’s fun for the fans and it’s a different type of golf for a week. Made it to the final four again. People talk about how Americans aren’t playing as good as everybody else. I can tell you they are wrong!! Going head to head with other Americans is tough because they are so good!! Exhausting week because of that reason.
I can tell you I went to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Kristy McPherson’s 30th birthday and that’s about it! I’m sure all of you can imagine the fun we had. It was a great weekend with amazing friends! Did you know sharks feed at night and get closer to the beach? Am I the only one who learned that?
I always love going back to ShopRite! The golf course is different from anything we play all year. I had a tough time on the greens again so I didn’t finish like I wanted to. Gave myself chances but couldn’t figure out the speed.
Springfield is another great week. This year was tough because we had to say goodbye to a long time sponsor, State Farm. I have friends there I love to see and hope we get back there. Played well on Sunday and finished in the top ten. It’s always a birdie fest there so I hope we get back soon! “Like a good neighbor State Farm is……not there anymore”.
We just finished the LPGA Championship in Rochester. I kinda hope we get Corning back because ROC is turning into my Corning!! It’s one of those courses you have to love to enjoy playing. Like Corning, I love the people, the town, the tournament, but the course is killing me!
I saved the best for last (just to see if you are still reading) 🙂
I had this moment yesterday where I realized again how lucky I am to get to play this crazy game and play some of the best courses in the world.
We had a Solheim practice day at Pine Valley in May. Wow. The course lived up to everything I had heard. We stayed on property (first females in history) and were taken care of extremely well. We had dinner and some bonding time then played the next day. I started on # 4 and made birdie on my first two holes! One of the best courses I have ever played and if they ever ask me to come back, I’m there!
Yesterday I played in an outing at Sebonack on Long Island. We will play the 2013 Women’s Open there. Wow again. The greens were tough and the views were breath taking. I’m sure the USGA will have no problem figuring out ways to torture us there in a few years!  Standing on the 18th tee box looking out over the water, I just had one of those moments. I’m really blessed to get to see these wonderful places and play the best courses in the world. By the way, made birdie on my first two holes again.;)
It’s hard when you are in the middle of your career and trying to always get better, to stop, look around, and take it all in. God always gets my attention with his creation, I love it!
Next week is the Open. Open weeks are busy but great! It’s my National Championship. Pretty easy to get excited for.:)
Thanks again for all of your support out there! I promise to blog again….:)
Until next time,