Angela’s Blog – #2 October 2011


Things I learned in Asia for two weeks…………


-I didn’t know how much I loved Mexican food and rice


– Hyatt Hotels are a welcome sight, especially the one with a casino in the lobby


– Never ever land on the other side of the world at 4 A.M. You will literally sleep all day


– Breakfast will always be the best meal of the day


– Dear Dr. Pepper, any thoughts of expansion anytime soon? Baggage charges are getting out of hand 


– Hall of Famers like it when you say hello to them


– South Korea and Malaysia are not close at all. About six hours in the air. If you are in the air that long in the U.S. you better be on your way to Hawaii


– I started out frustrated that I couldn’t watch my Rangers each morning, and then realized if they weren’t playing at all I would have nothing to look forward to each day. Football included!!!


– American sports are on the bottom of the priority list in Korea, the television stations switch to their local news at 7 A.M. regardless of the inning or quarter


– Eggs are the same everywhere in the world


– I’m a morning person on the other side of the world. I sleep better, longer, and at the correct times. 9 P.M. to 7 A.M. was no problem


– Golf truly is a global game


– I felt like the Red Sox at one point. A passing fan said, “Angela, we see you on TV and now in person.” Ok Ok Ok , Mike Whan I get it 


– That only happened once so maybe the Red Sox example was bold of me


– American fast food taste pretty good in the airports, or maybe I’m just desperate at that point


– Jet lag is a real thing


– If the swing is a little off, put a band aid on it and get it done. I don’t think this conversation would go over well……”Mr. Wright, can you jump on a quick flight to Malaysia?”


– I never knew what day it was. I left my phone on Texas time so I knew when to call home


– The new American Airlines Admirals Club in Tokyo is really nice and worth every penny when stranded for eight hours


– There is no fast way home from Malaysia


I’m excited to be home to get some rest and work on my game! Looking forward to the last two events of the year and then it’s off to Colorado for some off season skiing!


Until Next Time,



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