Starting a new year!

Wow here I am again on my way to start another season. Twelve to be exact. This off season has been one of the best I have ever had as a professional. I took my longest break ever, almost two months. I drove to my place in Colorado and went skiing everyday I could!!
I’m learning a few things about my “older” self. I don’t like working out anymore. So skiing was serving two purposes, forget about golf and get back in shape. I loved everyday of it!! I think people thought I was kidding when I said I could be a ski bum.:)
My family came up for Christmas and then I went back to Texas to celebrate the New Year. And back to Colorado for the last few days on the slopes.
I spent a week in Florida playing in outings and then a few days in Arizona at PING. I went for a driver and fell in love with the i20 irons. Old school PING feel to them, so I’m excited to get into a tournament and find out if the feel and reality match up!
So here I am on the plane to Australia to get the year going. If somebody would have told me twelve years ago I would be flying on the biggest commercial airplane for three weeks overseas to start the year, I would have laughed. Followed by, well I’m sure I won’t last that long anyway.

Even though I didn’t have an exciting offseason by some standards, I had a few revelations.

1) Just kept occurring to me how blessed I am. I watch all kinds of sports and see how the clock can run out on people. Injuries step in and change plans. Can you imagine Peyton Manning never taking another snap?? That would be awful. I still get to play. No matter how mad and crazy this game makes me, I still get to play.

2) Kinda like one, I’m lucky I still love to play this game. I took two months off because I was mentally exhausted from battling this hardest game I have ever played. Four years in college and eleven on tour is a long time to chase a little white ball. đŸ™‚ Fortunately, I’m ready to go again!!

3) The body isn’t what it used to be. Need I say more!!!! Brutal getting older!:)

4) I’m excited about the work The Angela Stanford Foundation is doing. I can’t explain how lucky I am to have a board and executive director who turn all of our visions into reality. This fall we will give our first round of scholarships to students who’s families have been touched by cancer. Talk is one thing but actions are different. Pretty cool to get to help people.

5) I would be lying if I said I am completely happy with my career on tour. Yes, I want to win more and I want one of those to be a major. Just when I started to think I might have missed my chance, I am reminded Ben Hogan won his first of nine majors at the age of 34.

So get ready! I hope to make this year a little more exciting!!;)
As my friend Pat Green says “Here I go off again to the rodeo”.

Thanks to everybody out there for being a fan through thick and thin!

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