First week

Well, the first event is under my belt and we are off to Thailand.
It’s funny because I told myself to relax going into the first three events this year. I did take an extended break and I need to lower my expectations going in. Haha. Then I get in the middle of it and I’m upset with my finish!!
There were all kinds of positives to the first week. Royal Melbourne was a tough test right out of the gate. The common response from everybody was it had a British Open feel. The only difference was the speed of the greens. At least at the British Open the greens are a little slower.
However, it was a great experience and I’m still excited to play next week!:)
Our weeks are so busy it’s hard to fit any sightseeing in, but we did find our way to the casino! The rules were a little different at black jack. 22 is a push and random strangers could place a bet on my hand. As you can imagine I didn’t last long. The dealer didn’t like it when I pushed the random chips out of my box. Kinda funny though. We had a great time and we were all reminded how much we love Vegas!!!
On to the sauna this week. I can tell I’m getting older because I’m actually looking forward to the heat!
Speaking of old. I caught myself looking around at all of the players on the train at the airport. It occured to me out of maybe ten to twelve players only one had played longer, Karrie Webb. Oh, and I played my final round with a fourteen year old!!
Where is Juli Inkster when you need her?!?:)

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