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Six events in

Amazing how a new year starts and before you know it, it’s April!! Our first event of the year seems so long ago. People always told me the years would speed up the older I got. Very true!!
This season has been a little bit of an unexpected roller coaster. The first event of the year I played ok. Started scoring a little better in Thailand and then had a chance on Sunday to win in Singapore. I was on a secret mission in Singapore. I was pretty upset about how I played there in 2013 and was going there on a mission to play better.
Arizona and San Diego were two tough weeks. Sometimes I am reminded just how hard this game is to play week in and week out. There are so many factors that come into play. I’m thankful when I do have those weeks, I believe, God is giving me a chance to adjust my perspective. I’m thankful for these moments. It’s hard. It’s hard to have people wonder “what happened”? Funny thing is, I’m wondering that too!!:)
So, it was back to basics the week of Kraft in a few areas. It was nice to be in a place I have played well and pull from those experiences. Here’s the bottom line, everyday is a new day. Golf, life, everything. I’m always thankful to have another chance.
Same is true for The Angela Stanford Foundation. We have a chance to help a new group of young people effected by cancer this year. Our scholarship fund raiser is May 7th. We have a concert, Night with the Stars. I always thought we were talking about the performers we invited to sing. Really it is a night with our scholarship kids, they are the stars. I’m looking forward to spending another fabulous night with them.
Here’s my sales pitch, come out May 7th and meet these kids. Be apart of it. See who our efforts are helping. It’s pretty cool.
There are roller coasters everywhere in life. Highs, lows, climbs, and falls. The question is, when you walk away from the ride, was it worth it?
The lows are hard but the possibility of the highs are worth it!
I’m looking forward to another chance this week in Hawaii. I’m also looking forward to May 7th. More possibilities.