End of the year!!!!

Another year in the books. Life can be so funny. You would think after thirteen years on tour, nothing would surprise you in your fourteenth. Just when you think you might have an idea of what’s going on, life jumps up and reminds you, there’s always something new to learn.
This year was a challenge at times. I had some chances to win but missed too many weekends.
Side note, I will never forget playing with Michelle Wie in the final round in Hawaii this year. I would put her round that day up against any in the world. I’m a competitor but at the same time I appreciate great golf.
I tried some new things this year. Had many doubts. Eventually realized that I still love to play. I didn’t expect this kind of year. I was ready to have one of my best and it wasn’t. I’m looking forward to next year!
As for The Angela Stanford Foundation, we took some time to reorganize. We are so thankful for the people out there who continue to support the kids and families we are trying to help. We are looking forward to 2015! Our golf tournament, Let Your Light Shine, will move to May and follow the LPGA tournament! That is a dream come true on so many levels!! We are looking forward to a great weekend in May! If you can’t be there, please feel free to sign up for the Birdie Bonanza, fund a scholarship, or help in other ways. You can always visit our website to stay up to date, http://www.angelastanfordfoundation.org
Again, I can’t thank all of you enough who support my Foundation. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for following me through the good and bad weeks. I’m blessed to get another chance to play this crazy game on the best tour in the world.
Here’s to 2015!!

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