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End of the year!!!!

Another year in the books. Life can be so funny. You would think after thirteen years on tour, nothing would surprise you in your fourteenth. Just when you think you might have an idea of what’s going on, life jumps up and reminds you, there’s always something new to learn.
This year was a challenge at times. I had some chances to win but missed too many weekends.
Side note, I will never forget playing with Michelle Wie in the final round in Hawaii this year. I would put her round that day up against any in the world. I’m a competitor but at the same time I appreciate great golf.
I tried some new things this year. Had many doubts. Eventually realized that I still love to play. I didn’t expect this kind of year. I was ready to have one of my best and it wasn’t. I’m looking forward to next year!
As for The Angela Stanford Foundation, we took some time to reorganize. We are so thankful for the people out there who continue to support the kids and families we are trying to help. We are looking forward to 2015! Our golf tournament, Let Your Light Shine, will move to May and follow the LPGA tournament! That is a dream come true on so many levels!! We are looking forward to a great weekend in May! If you can’t be there, please feel free to sign up for the Birdie Bonanza, fund a scholarship, or help in other ways. You can always visit our website to stay up to date,
Again, I can’t thank all of you enough who support my Foundation. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for following me through the good and bad weeks. I’m blessed to get another chance to play this crazy game on the best tour in the world.
Here’s to 2015!!


Six events in

Amazing how a new year starts and before you know it, it’s April!! Our first event of the year seems so long ago. People always told me the years would speed up the older I got. Very true!!
This season has been a little bit of an unexpected roller coaster. The first event of the year I played ok. Started scoring a little better in Thailand and then had a chance on Sunday to win in Singapore. I was on a secret mission in Singapore. I was pretty upset about how I played there in 2013 and was going there on a mission to play better.
Arizona and San Diego were two tough weeks. Sometimes I am reminded just how hard this game is to play week in and week out. There are so many factors that come into play. I’m thankful when I do have those weeks, I believe, God is giving me a chance to adjust my perspective. I’m thankful for these moments. It’s hard. It’s hard to have people wonder “what happened”? Funny thing is, I’m wondering that too!!:)
So, it was back to basics the week of Kraft in a few areas. It was nice to be in a place I have played well and pull from those experiences. Here’s the bottom line, everyday is a new day. Golf, life, everything. I’m always thankful to have another chance.
Same is true for The Angela Stanford Foundation. We have a chance to help a new group of young people effected by cancer this year. Our scholarship fund raiser is May 7th. We have a concert, Night with the Stars. I always thought we were talking about the performers we invited to sing. Really it is a night with our scholarship kids, they are the stars. I’m looking forward to spending another fabulous night with them.
Here’s my sales pitch, come out May 7th and meet these kids. Be apart of it. See who our efforts are helping. It’s pretty cool.
There are roller coasters everywhere in life. Highs, lows, climbs, and falls. The question is, when you walk away from the ride, was it worth it?
The lows are hard but the possibility of the highs are worth it!
I’m looking forward to another chance this week in Hawaii. I’m also looking forward to May 7th. More possibilities.

Ready for Solheim!

Wow it’s amazing how time flies! It has been two years since Ireland and next week we will try to get the Cup back!! I still remember waking up the Monday after we lost the Cup and thinking two years seemed so far away. I’ve been looking forward to playing in the states again. The 2009 Solheim Cup in Chicago was a blast and the fans were off the charts!! I have a feeling they are going to be fired up next week, I can’t wait! 🙂
It has been an interesting year. I started to realize that the travel is wearing on me a little. I decided to cut back. It’s tough because I love to play golf and I love to compete. Getting on an airplane and going all over the world to do it is the hard part.
I got off to a slow start this year. Phoenix was a good week for me to regroup and focus on making money for the Foundation.
I also started focusing that week on what I needed to do to be ready for the Solheim Cup in August. I really started working on my swing again and working on putting better.
As golf goes, I started seeing some of the results of that work in June at the US Open. Finished T4 there, got into a playoff in Canada, and had a great weekend in Toledo for another T5. I think every golfer will tell you winning is the ultimate, but having a chance every week is important.
I didn’t decide to go to the British until the week of Canada. I mostly wanted to go because the Solheim Cup teams were being announced the Sunday of the British. I’m glad I went. My buddy Gerina Piller was picked and it was fun to be there with her to celebrate!
So, next week we will be in Colorado for the 2013 Solheim Cup. This will be my fifth Solheim Cup and I have to say I still enjoy it like I did the first one. It’s a honor to play for your country. It’s a honor to play on these teams. I don’t take it for granted and appreciate each year I get to play for the USA.
The Foundation is doing great! We had our Night with the Stars event in May. The musicians were awesome as usual and we were able to raise money for our scholarship fund. This is our second year to give scholarships and we were able to help seven more students over their next four years.
Now we are gearing up for our golf tournament in September. Let Your Light Shine will take place September 22nd this year. Lots of good things going on!!!
USA all the way!!:)

2013 Here We Go!

Well I just caught myself staring out of an airplane window on my way to New Zealand. My first thought was, “How did I get here?!?”
So, here I go, starting my thirteenth season on tour. This year I decided to play a LET event before our LPGA season starts in Australia. I have never been to New Zealand and thought it would be a nice warm up to get the year started. Never thought in a million years I would say what I just did. Not only am I starting a golf season in New Zealand, but it’s my thirteenth!! Time flies and I have been extremely blessed.
So, I guess I should back up to the off season. It was a short one this year. I was asked by the 2013 Solheim Cup captain, Meg Mallon, to play in an official team event in December and of course I said yes! I can’t tell you how much fun I had and was pretty impressed with my partner! Meg has always been one of my all time favorites, so it was pretty cool to be her partner!
I played into December so I didn’t get the off season started until later than normal. In all honestly that was ok. I really enjoyed playing at the end of 2012 and wanted to keep playing to keep working on some things. The feeling of being excited to play is fun and even more amazing at this time in my career. I feel like I am one of the fortunate ones, I love playing the game more today than when I started.
Spent sometime in Vegas, FUN, and sometime in Colorado snow skiing.
Spent New Years in Texas with friends and before I knew it, it was time to play again. The most interesting part of this offseason was I traveled quite a bit but it was by far one of the best I can remember.
The goals for this year are pretty simple, bring the Solheim Cup back and put myself in the best possible positions to win a major.
I love Solheim years!! The Americans get geared up and always play really well throughout the year. Everybody knows the event itself is my all time favorite. Love team competitions!!
Last but certainly not least, The Angela Stanford Foundation had an amazing 2012! We gave our first round of scholarships away and we are excited to continue this year. Our first spring event, “A Night With The Stars” was a success and our golf event, Let Your Light Shine raised a record amount!
We are excited about 2013 and look forward to making a difference in people’s lives.
I always say I’m going to blog more at the end of this first blog every year. Don’t worry I’m not saying it this time. Maybe I’ll surprise all of you. 😉
Thanks again for your support and being a fan.
As my good buddy Pat says, “Here we go, off again to the rodeo!”
From 37,000 feet,

Halfway home

It’s amazing how time flies on tour. I can’t believe it’s the end of July and it seems like the year just started!! A quick shout out to the Executive Director of The Angela Stanford Foundation, Jenny Gleason, for her Symetra Tour victory in New Hampshire last week!! Nothing feels better than winning!! Congrats boss!:)
So many amazing things are happening with The Angela Stanford Foundation. We had our first “Night with the Stars” concert in May to benefit our scholarship fund. We had a chance to meet our scholarship recipients that night and get to know them a little bit. It’s one thing to raise money, but to put that money to work and touch lives is extremely different. I think it all hit me as we were taking a group picture. When vision becomes reality it shakes you.
We are gearing up for the 7th Annual Let Your Light Shine golf tournament held on Sunday, September 2nd.
Even that makes me stop. Seven years? Wow. I have been extremely fortunate to have people in my life who believe in me and the mission of the golf event to keep it going. Pretty cool.

I must admit I’m a little frustrated golf wise right now. Sometimes it is hard for me to widen my lens to see the whole picture. God has been working on my heart lately and usually when God starts moving, it’s difficult to avoid Him.
I haven’t been happy on the course for awhile now and it’s funny how it’s always connected to something larger than golf. I think one of my biggest struggles is not being content in the present and always wondering about the future. Probably why I can’t play one shot at a time right now. (That’s for you Coach Angie);)
Sometimes golf seems so easy and other times I wonder how I will ever make another birdie!!! Same with my faith and trust. Sometimes it’s so easy to trust God and other times I feel like asking “Are you sure you got this?!?”
There is always a bottom line. I still have the desire to play and get better, through good and bad. At the same time, I still trust my God and know He has the entire plan under control.
Time to trust better.
I just had one of the toughest weeks of the year in France. I just had to keep reminding myself, He has me right where I’m suppose to be.

The year is full of ups and downs. Golf is what I do and sometimes it becomes who I am. Time to widen the lens.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.:) More importantly, thanks for coming to this website and hopefully you will have a chance to learn about The Foundation. The bottom line is about helping others.

First week

Well, the first event is under my belt and we are off to Thailand.
It’s funny because I told myself to relax going into the first three events this year. I did take an extended break and I need to lower my expectations going in. Haha. Then I get in the middle of it and I’m upset with my finish!!
There were all kinds of positives to the first week. Royal Melbourne was a tough test right out of the gate. The common response from everybody was it had a British Open feel. The only difference was the speed of the greens. At least at the British Open the greens are a little slower.
However, it was a great experience and I’m still excited to play next week!:)
Our weeks are so busy it’s hard to fit any sightseeing in, but we did find our way to the casino! The rules were a little different at black jack. 22 is a push and random strangers could place a bet on my hand. As you can imagine I didn’t last long. The dealer didn’t like it when I pushed the random chips out of my box. Kinda funny though. We had a great time and we were all reminded how much we love Vegas!!!
On to the sauna this week. I can tell I’m getting older because I’m actually looking forward to the heat!
Speaking of old. I caught myself looking around at all of the players on the train at the airport. It occured to me out of maybe ten to twelve players only one had played longer, Karrie Webb. Oh, and I played my final round with a fourteen year old!!
Where is Juli Inkster when you need her?!?:)

Going to the course

This is as close as I have ever been to an elephant!!