Starting a new year!

Wow here I am again on my way to start another season. Twelve to be exact. This off season has been one of the best I have ever had as a professional. I took my longest break ever, almost two months. I drove to my place in Colorado and went skiing everyday I could!!
I’m learning a few things about my “older” self. I don’t like working out anymore. So skiing was serving two purposes, forget about golf and get back in shape. I loved everyday of it!! I think people thought I was kidding when I said I could be a ski bum.:)
My family came up for Christmas and then I went back to Texas to celebrate the New Year. And back to Colorado for the last few days on the slopes.
I spent a week in Florida playing in outings and then a few days in Arizona at PING. I went for a driver and fell in love with the i20 irons. Old school PING feel to them, so I’m excited to get into a tournament and find out if the feel and reality match up!
So here I am on the plane to Australia to get the year going. If somebody would have told me twelve years ago I would be flying on the biggest commercial airplane for three weeks overseas to start the year, I would have laughed. Followed by, well I’m sure I won’t last that long anyway.

Even though I didn’t have an exciting offseason by some standards, I had a few revelations.

1) Just kept occurring to me how blessed I am. I watch all kinds of sports and see how the clock can run out on people. Injuries step in and change plans. Can you imagine Peyton Manning never taking another snap?? That would be awful. I still get to play. No matter how mad and crazy this game makes me, I still get to play.

2) Kinda like one, I’m lucky I still love to play this game. I took two months off because I was mentally exhausted from battling this hardest game I have ever played. Four years in college and eleven on tour is a long time to chase a little white ball. 🙂 Fortunately, I’m ready to go again!!

3) The body isn’t what it used to be. Need I say more!!!! Brutal getting older!:)

4) I’m excited about the work The Angela Stanford Foundation is doing. I can’t explain how lucky I am to have a board and executive director who turn all of our visions into reality. This fall we will give our first round of scholarships to students who’s families have been touched by cancer. Talk is one thing but actions are different. Pretty cool to get to help people.

5) I would be lying if I said I am completely happy with my career on tour. Yes, I want to win more and I want one of those to be a major. Just when I started to think I might have missed my chance, I am reminded Ben Hogan won his first of nine majors at the age of 34.

So get ready! I hope to make this year a little more exciting!!;)
As my friend Pat Green says “Here I go off again to the rodeo”.

Thanks to everybody out there for being a fan through thick and thin!


Angela’s Blog – #2 October 2011


Things I learned in Asia for two weeks…………


-I didn’t know how much I loved Mexican food and rice


– Hyatt Hotels are a welcome sight, especially the one with a casino in the lobby


– Never ever land on the other side of the world at 4 A.M. You will literally sleep all day


– Breakfast will always be the best meal of the day


– Dear Dr. Pepper, any thoughts of expansion anytime soon? Baggage charges are getting out of hand 


– Hall of Famers like it when you say hello to them


– South Korea and Malaysia are not close at all. About six hours in the air. If you are in the air that long in the U.S. you better be on your way to Hawaii


– I started out frustrated that I couldn’t watch my Rangers each morning, and then realized if they weren’t playing at all I would have nothing to look forward to each day. Football included!!!


– American sports are on the bottom of the priority list in Korea, the television stations switch to their local news at 7 A.M. regardless of the inning or quarter


– Eggs are the same everywhere in the world


– I’m a morning person on the other side of the world. I sleep better, longer, and at the correct times. 9 P.M. to 7 A.M. was no problem


– Golf truly is a global game


– I felt like the Red Sox at one point. A passing fan said, “Angela, we see you on TV and now in person.” Ok Ok Ok , Mike Whan I get it 


– That only happened once so maybe the Red Sox example was bold of me


– American fast food taste pretty good in the airports, or maybe I’m just desperate at that point


– Jet lag is a real thing


– If the swing is a little off, put a band aid on it and get it done. I don’t think this conversation would go over well……”Mr. Wright, can you jump on a quick flight to Malaysia?”


– I never knew what day it was. I left my phone on Texas time so I knew when to call home


– The new American Airlines Admirals Club in Tokyo is really nice and worth every penny when stranded for eight hours


– There is no fast way home from Malaysia


I’m excited to be home to get some rest and work on my game! Looking forward to the last two events of the year and then it’s off to Colorado for some off season skiing!


Until Next Time,



Angela’s Blog – October 2011

Hello again from 35,000 feet. On my way to LAX for the Asia swing on our schedule. Should be an interesting afternoon considering I land at 12:45 and my connection is at 1:10. Ahhhhhh, the joys of traveling. Honestly, I’m doing ok either way. I would love to spend the day watching football and baseball instead!

There are only six events left this season and I’m playing in five of them. Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, and Orlando. It’s been a very long year and it’s hard to believe we are close to the end. September was a very busy month. It started with my event, the “Let Your Light Shine” charity golf tournament. We had a great night and raised over $80,000 for The Angela Stanford Foundation. I’m excited about the opportunities the Foundation will have next year and the first group of scholarships we will provide.

Then it was off to Arkansas and one of my favorite weeks of the year. I stayed with great friends and my family and friends were able to drive up. The Arkansas event is one of the best on our schedule. On to Alabama and the last week before Solheim Cup! I don’t get to fly private very often, but I did to Alabama. A first for my caddy and always a thrill for me. I had a really great final round and finished third going into Solheim.

The Solheim Cup is my favorite event we get to play. I love the team atmosphere! I love getting to pull for the ladies I spend every other week trying to beat. There are so many great American players right now and it was an honor to call them teammates for the week. Granted, the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, it was still a great week. My family and friends had a wonderful time and having them there made the week special. Maybe I’m getting older but I’m starting to appreciate how lucky I am to play for my country. There is absolutely nothing in the world better than putting on red, white, and blue and playing for something larger than yourself. I wish I could have played better. Losing will just push me to get better and be ready for 2013.

So…….I’m on my way to Asia for three weeks. That is unless my Rangers go all the way

Thanks for all of your support out there and GO RANGERS!!!!


Angela’s Blog – July 2011

Well, so much has happened since the first few events. I know what you are all thinking out there…….blog more!! I know, I know, I know!
It has been an interesting year so far golf wise. I’ve had a few chances to win and haven’t finished it off. I forget that golf is a process and I tend to lose my patience! Lots of good things are happening and good things to build on.
The Founders Cup was a great experience. As golfers, we spend all of our time playing for ourselves, so it was cool to play for something bigger that week. With my finish, The Angela Stanford Foundation received $30,000! We are looking forward to our first year of funding scholarships for young people who have family members with cancer, so every bit helps!
Kia Classic was a tough week. Struggling on the greens made for a long week. We did get to see a Clippers game in LA. I would pay every night to watch Blake Griffin play basketball! Fun to watch!
Kraft. One of these days I will jump in that pond. Only problem is I may not come out! 🙂 I feel like I’m getting closer and closer, but again I know it’s a process. I continue to improve at Mission Hills.
Mobile is always a great week. I get to stay with friends and the entire city embraces us. Another good week, but I love playing there 🙂
Match Play was another great week. I’m glad we have one match play event on our schedule. I think it’s fun for the fans and it’s a different type of golf for a week. Made it to the final four again. People talk about how Americans aren’t playing as good as everybody else. I can tell you they are wrong!! Going head to head with other Americans is tough because they are so good!! Exhausting week because of that reason.
I can tell you I went to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Kristy McPherson’s 30th birthday and that’s about it! I’m sure all of you can imagine the fun we had. It was a great weekend with amazing friends! Did you know sharks feed at night and get closer to the beach? Am I the only one who learned that?
I always love going back to ShopRite! The golf course is different from anything we play all year. I had a tough time on the greens again so I didn’t finish like I wanted to. Gave myself chances but couldn’t figure out the speed.
Springfield is another great week. This year was tough because we had to say goodbye to a long time sponsor, State Farm. I have friends there I love to see and hope we get back there. Played well on Sunday and finished in the top ten. It’s always a birdie fest there so I hope we get back soon! “Like a good neighbor State Farm is……not there anymore”.
We just finished the LPGA Championship in Rochester. I kinda hope we get Corning back because ROC is turning into my Corning!! It’s one of those courses you have to love to enjoy playing. Like Corning, I love the people, the town, the tournament, but the course is killing me!
I saved the best for last (just to see if you are still reading) 🙂
I had this moment yesterday where I realized again how lucky I am to get to play this crazy game and play some of the best courses in the world.
We had a Solheim practice day at Pine Valley in May. Wow. The course lived up to everything I had heard. We stayed on property (first females in history) and were taken care of extremely well. We had dinner and some bonding time then played the next day. I started on # 4 and made birdie on my first two holes! One of the best courses I have ever played and if they ever ask me to come back, I’m there!
Yesterday I played in an outing at Sebonack on Long Island. We will play the 2013 Women’s Open there. Wow again. The greens were tough and the views were breath taking. I’m sure the USGA will have no problem figuring out ways to torture us there in a few years!  Standing on the 18th tee box looking out over the water, I just had one of those moments. I’m really blessed to get to see these wonderful places and play the best courses in the world. By the way, made birdie on my first two holes again.;)
It’s hard when you are in the middle of your career and trying to always get better, to stop, look around, and take it all in. God always gets my attention with his creation, I love it!
Next week is the Open. Open weeks are busy but great! It’s my National Championship. Pretty easy to get excited for.:)
Thanks again for all of your support out there! I promise to blog again….:)
Until next time,

Angela’s Blog – February 2011

Wow the off season just flew by!! I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays and are off to a great 2011!
I enjoyed my off season and finally believe that the older you get the faster time goes by! A
LPGA veteran told me time would fly when I was a rookie and I laughed. She was right.

December was wonderful! I spent
Christmas with my family in Colorado and reconnected with a first love….snow skiing!:) I can honestly say I haven’t had a mental break away from golf in awhile so it was nice to get away! You can’t think about your golf swing going down a mountain!

Loved hanging out with my family and we did survive the drive there, five days at the condo, and the drive back. My dad had the line of the trip, “This trip was 12 hours too long”. 🙂

Then it was off to Atlanta for the Chick-fli-bowl and New Year’s Eve. We had a great time and I can honestly say it was one of the best NYE I have had!

However, following NYE with a 9am flight to LA for the Rose Bowl was tougher than I thought it would be.:) Worth it!!!!
The Rose Bowl experience lived up to all I imagined it would be and when my Frogs won I thought I was in heaven! Another great trip with family and friends!!

January meant back to work. I played in a few pro-ams in
Florida and got back to Colorado one more time to ski a few more days. I got to watch a few friends find their way down the slopes, one for the first time. Needless to say we had plenty of laughs.
The first week of February threw me a curve ball. Really, ice all week?? Made it tough to put the finishing touches on but oh well I guess I’m well rested?!?

So, here I am in the LAX airport staring at this big bird on my way to
Australia to start my 11th year. I realized today I’ve come a long way. I used to avoid leaving the country and now I want to win when I leave. It’s still hard to leave home but I’m slowing getting better at it. I’m excited to start the year and I know it’s going to be a fun ride. Solheim years are my favorite! So, as my good friend Pat says….”Here I go off again to the rodeo”

Thanks for coming along for the ride!